4 Wheel Heated Tank Specification & Running Information


Our prototype tank has been running for over 18 months now!

*Our Findings from our Prototype Trials*

We turn our tank on every Monday morning and it warms up from cold. It is turned off every evening before we leave, and then turned on again in the morning. During this time, it only drops around 10 degrees C if empty, and 6-7 degrees C if there are wheels in, as they hold heat. On a Thursday evening the tank is turned off as our workshop closes and isn’t touched again until we re-open on a Monday morning, and is normally around 30/40 degrees when we switch it back on. 

*Running Temperature:*

Whilst the chemical can be run at 65-85 degrees C, we run our tank at 65-68 degrees C, and find this is the optimum temperature to run the tank at. Obviously the hotter you run the chemical at, the quicker you will require a top-up due to condensation/steam created. 

*Running Costs:*

From cold (Monday morning): 25.69 units @ 28.41ppu (our current electricity pricing): £7.29 to get to temperature. 

Daily usage: approx. 9 units per day, equating to approx. £2.56 per day (based on our current electricity pricing of 28.41ppu), and we turn off every eve and turn on again in a morning.

*Health and Safety:

Relevant PPE must be worn, following a thorough risk assessment from the end user to determine their individual requirements. PPE is the responsibility of the end user. No specific environmental hazards are presented with the product.


Steel wheels and components can be stripped easily with Ribstrip17, however should be checked regularly and not left in for prolonged periods or overnight as the chemicals will react and crystallise on the surface, – this can easily be removed by blasting following the stripping process. 

Magnesium wheels should NOT be stripped in hot stripping chemicals due to the possible reactivity which can cause excessive heat as well as decomposition of the parts. Magnesium is highly reactive and should be stripped with caution whatever the chosen method.

ℹ️ for further info, please email sales@ribbletechnology.co.uk with your contact details so Shaun can give you a call back.

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