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Important information about the service our couriers offer. 

Sometimes the unexpected happens and throws even the best laid plans into the air.

We pride ourselves on our service, both the speed and quality, however on occasion, circumstances beyond ours or our couriers control happen. It’s life, and although we have come to expect “next day everything” (and god only knows we push for it for you!), sometimes it just isn’t possible. 

The photo below shows an array of emails we’ve received over the last 12 months from our courier company. Issues beyond our control and their control. 

We send on Next Day service (where available), and this is only around £3-£4 more expensive than standard service which is 2-3 working days.

We ask that our customers don’t rely on Next Day service, rather use it as a pleasant surprise if their order arrives, that way, you aren’t depending on it. 

Place your orders early and keep on top of it, please don’t put the pressure of your business coming to a standstill on us, we are on the same team.

The courier delivers between 8-6pm Monday – Friday so if you aren’t going to be in, you will need to arrange this with us, or foot the bill for a redelivery charge. 

We try our absolute best but even we don’t have a magic wand that produces ADR Drivers 🪄.

We have your best interests in mind, which is why we are ensuring you are aware of this so we can provide you the best possible service 🙂

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