Chemical Stripping

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In our endeavour to continue to provide an excellent service, we would be delighted to discuss any requirements you may have and we are pleased to offer a sample testing service to ensure our process is suitable for your project.

Chemical stripping can often be use to remove paint and coatings from intricate parts or materials when abrasive or thermal methods would not be suitable. Chemical stripping can also be more selective, i.e. coatings can be removed without damage to the underlying material. For example, powder coating can be removed from plated or galvanised material without damage. Chemical stripping can also be used effectively to remove coatings from alloys which would not be economical to blast clean.
Virtually all metals can be chemically stripped using a variety of either solvent based or water based solutions. We can process items as small as nuts and bolts up to full vehicle shells and chassis. Even full aircraft fuselage components can be treated. Items across the full spectrum of industry can be treated, from turbocharges and engine components to office furniture and lighting components.

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