Stripper HF

Stripper HF is a specially designed alloy wheel stripper and is carefully blended to ensure quick results with as little effort as possible. Used by alloy wheel refurbishment specialists up and down the country, our clients achieve impressive results, fast. This is a cold immersion paint stripper that is used for paint stripping, removal of powder coating and various other coatings.

(Available in: 25 litres, 205 litres, 1000 litres IBC)

Booster HF

One 25 litre drum of booster is enough to re-activate 100 litres of our HF Stripper.

Neutradip HF

Our HF Neutraliser is manufactured as a concentrate. 1 x 25 litre drum of Neutradip can be used to make 400 litres of neutralising solution. This solution neutralises free acid on parts safely and effectively.

(Available in: 25 litres)

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