Cold Strip Chemicals- myth busting – adding water (it is a big NO)

⁉️ Myth Busting ⁉️

Myth: adding water 💦to your cold strip as a “seal” is okay and slows evaporation. 👎🏻

Truth: the acid content of cold strip would much rather bunk up with water than it does solvent, so will happily “jump ship” and create a dangerously strong acidic product at the top, and a slower solvent product at the bottom. This means that the parts submerged in the “acid” band end up heavily etched and often damaged, as shown in the photo clip video below, whilst the solvent strips slower.

➡️ The best way to slow evaporation is to ensure your tank is kept out of the sun, and has a tight fitting lid with seal around. 👍🏻

We do not recommend the addition of any other product to your cold strip, as these can and will react with the chemical blend in your stripper with often undesirable results!

Don’t play chemist with your chemicals, we use them in house; we know their characteristics, it is what sets us apart from the rest. 🏅

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