Hot Strip – Acid or Alkaline?

To filter press or not filter press, that is the question! (we know which one we would choose…)


➡️ Acid or Alkaline?

🟣 Alkaline hot strip chemicals produce sludge/mud because they work by dissolution- dissolving the paint flakes and almost returning them to powder form, which is why the sludge forms, it goes “soupy”. 

This type of chemical requires filtration; often expensive filter presses to remove the residue. The environmental impact is also considerably higher with an alkaline product in comparison to a water-based product.

🔴 Ribstrip17 is our most popular hot strip chemical for many reasons:

1️⃣ It is a water based acid hot strip

2️⃣The paint is removed by de-lamination; in flakes and sheets, so you can easily scoop them out like you would with traditional cold strip, you can see from the videos how satisfying it is to watch that peel 😍

3️⃣No expensive filtration system is required because the product doesn’t dissolve the coating (see point 2!) 

4️⃣As it is water-based, the environmental impact is significantly reduced too

5️⃣ Suitable for stripping Alloy Wheels / Aluminium parts.

6️⃣ More cost effective (more expensive set up costs and chemical cost to begin with, however top up is much less frequent than cold stripping alternative)

7️⃣ Safer!! The product doesn’t contain DCM, which is being clamped down on by HSE across the country, whilst still a hazardous chemical, it is much safer than the cold alternative. 

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