Hot Strip Chemical & Paint Flake Waste

Hot Strip 🌡️ and Paint Flake Waste ℹ️

Our hot strip chemical, Ribstrip17, works on the acid side of the scale, and delaminates the powder coating off in sheets and flakes, rather than on the alkaline scale which works by dissolving the coating which in turn creates a sludgy byproduct. 

The photos below show the paint flakes produced from the Ribstrip17. These have been fully neutralised and dried.

ℹ️ Paint Flake Waste

Paint flakes should be neutralised fully, to remove any free acid residue, then left to air dry.

After this, you should contact your commercial waste provider to make sure they are happy to remove the dried flakes. 

If they have been neutralised fully and are dry, then the remaining byproduct is just cured powder with no chemical residue, so there shouldn’t be any issues in disposing of, however we highly recommend checking with your waste provider as this gives you the opportunity to ensure they are aware that you are treating the waste effectively and safely before disposal. 

The same principle applies to the paint flake waste from the cold strip. It must be neutralised however you are disposing of it to ensure it is safe to handle and free of residual chemical, however if done correctly, your waste carrier should be informed to ensure they are happy to take. 

Paint flake waste that is untreated (not neutralised) should only be removed by a chemical waste carrier and never put into any other types of waste. 

We cannot dictate what your local waste companies are happy or unhappy to take, you must ensure you contact them directly yourselves.

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