Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight — cold strip safety information


⚠️‼️Chemical Customers!‼️⚠️

Important Information for the coming warmer weeks!!! 

The temps are rising every day, and dangerously so if you have cold strip in drums on site.

The drums are expanding and contracting as they get hot then cool over night as they are at the couriers, causing the banding to loosen and unsteady pallets.

🟢Please keep safe by ensuring:

❗️You unload them carefully wearing full PPE!


❗️When opening drums be aware that they may be swollen and pressurised! Open slowly releasing pressure gently, WEARING FULL PPE!

❗️SOLVENTS (the bulk of the raw material in stripper) have much lower boiling points! 

⚠️Please treat your chemical with extra caution over the coming weeks and get your drums inside in the shade ASAP.

‼️Last year we had a week where we had to limit quantities leaving us due to the safety implications of stacking the drums when it got hot as they were swelling into footballs, if the temperatures get to that point again then we will have no choice but to limit quantities for a period until it is safe. We will not risk the safety of our staff, couriers or customers, we will keep our page updated for any changes.

🟢 Cheap/Poor Grade Materials 

⚠️We are regularly offered cheap solvent which is now back in circulation in the country (something which we have trialed a while ago and refused to use), please bear this in mind when you are offered “cheap” stripper, we won’t buy it to save you a few ££ when all it will bring you is issues and needing to order more frequently. We don’t compromise on the quality of our product, we use it in-house ourselves and won’t waste valuable money or time saving pennies in the short term only to spend more frequently.

Please, please keep safe guys, and if you need any advice or help please get in touch! 

Team @ Ribble

01772 202227 (opt 1)

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