Alloy Wheel Straightening Machine

Alloy Wheel Straightening Machine

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Alloy Wheel Straightening Machine

Introducing the cutting-edge Alloy Wheel Straightening Machine, a versatile solution designed to cater to both small and large-scale operations with its dual power supply options: a robust 3 phase with neutral (380v) or a more accessible single phase (220v). Equipped with a mechanical motor of 0.75 KW and 1400d/d rpm alongside a hydraulic motor of equal power but with 900d/d rpm, this alloy wheel straightening machine boasts an impressive capability of exerting up to 5 tons of pressure. Its substantial size, measuring 1750 mm in height, 1550 mm in length, and 850 mm in width, ensures it can accommodate wheels ranging from 10” to 28”. Weighing in at 455 kg, it features a closed hydraulic circuit for optimum efficiency and safety. Additionally, it comes complete with a range of essential tools, including adaptors, separators, spreaders, and basic tools, making it a comprehensive package for straightening alloy wheels with precision and ease.


  • Choice of either a 3 phase with neutral (380v)or a single phase (220v) power supply
  • Mechanical motor 0.75 KW 1400d/d rpm 1h
  • Hydraulic motor 0.75 Kw 900d/d rpm 1h capable of 5t of pressure
  • Height – 1750 mm
  • Length – 1550 mm
  • Width – 850 mm
  • Suitable for 10”- 28” wheel
  • Total weight – 455 kg
  • Closed hydraulic circuit
  • Adaptors, separators, spreaders and basic tools included.
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