Chemical Spill Kit

Chemical Spill Kit

Comprehensive chemical spill kit available in 30L, 80L, and 240L variants.


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Chemical Spill Kit

Secure your workplace safety with our Chemical Spill Kit, a comprehensive solution to tackle unexpected hazardous spills and leaks.

Available in three variants – 30L, 80L, and 240L – this chemical spill kit is designed to handle various spill volumes, making it suitable for a range of workplaces from small business units to larger industrial facilities.

Benefits of having a Chemical Spill Kit in the Workplace

  • Safety Enhancement: Chemical Spill kits contain absorbents and other equipment that can quickly neutralise and clean up chemical spills, reducing the risk of injuries or harm to employees or customers.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Many industries have strict regulations concerning chemical spill management. Having a spill kit on hand helps ensure compliance with these standards, potentially avoiding costly fines.
  • Environment Protection: Properly managed spills reduce the risk of environmental contamination, which could otherwise harm local ecosystems.
  • Efficiency in Emergency Response: Chemical Spill kits are designed for quick response, allowing for immediate containment and clean-up of a chemical spill. This can minimise downtime and interruption to operations.
  • Protects Workplace Assets: By quickly addressing spills, you can prevent potential damage to expensive machinery or other assets in the workshop.
  • Minimizing Risk of Fire: Some chemicals can be flammable or explosive. Fast and effective cleanup reduces the risk of fires or other accidents.
  • Training Opportunity: The necessity of a chemical spill kit provides an opportunity for staff training in spill response, enhancing overall workplace safety knowledge and awareness.
  • Cost-effective: In the long run, having a chemical spill kit can save money. The cost of clean-up, damage repair, and potential fines without one can far exceed the initial cost of the kit.
  • Versatility: Many spill kits are designed to handle a range of chemical types, making them useful in a variety of situations.
  • Improves Company Reputation: Demonstrating a commitment to safety and the environment by having spill kits readily available can boost your organization’s image among clients, suppliers, and the wider community.

240L, 80L, 30L

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