Digital PH Meter

Digital PH Meter

To be used to test waste water & neutralising solution.



 High accuracy: The Ph meter digital water tester utilizes sensitive glass bulb electrode sensors to provide both quick and clear readings of accurate pH values in the 0-14.0 measurement range. With a resolution of 0.01 pH, it can accurately test pH levels with a precision of ± 0.01.

  • Easy operation: The PH tester automatically calibrates at three points. You don’t need any tools, remove the protective cap & dip the pH meter electrode into the solution. Press “ON/OFF” to turn on the electronic pH meter, stir gently, and wait a few seconds until the reading stabilizes.
  • Automatic Calibration: The digital Ph meter features an automatic calibration function that adjusts based on water temperature and quality. By simply waiting a few seconds during testing, you can obtain the PH readings. In addition, the tester can be calibrated using the one-touch “CAL” button &               Calibration Buffer Powder.
  • Extensively tested: Designed to be portable and convenient, Water testing kits is an ideal choice for families and laboratory testing of pH values. Suitable for various applications, such as testing the pH balance of drinking water, pools, aquariums, spas, and hydroponics.
  • Complete accessories: The package includes x1 PH meter, x1 user manual, x2 1.5V LR44 button cells (built-in), and x2 PH Buffer Powders. The detailed manual guides you on obtaining the most accurate and stable readings, ensuring comprehensive experience.
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