Traffic Film Remover – TFR 2

Traffic Film Remover – TFR 2

Highly concentrated, effective traffic film remover (TFR cleaner), for cleaning of vehicles.

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Traffic Film Remover & TFR Cleaner

Highly concentrated and effective traffic film remover (TFR), also known as TFR cleaner. Ideal for use when washing cars, van, trucks and other commercial cleaning, plus many other cleaning applications. Commonly used on vehicle exteriors, chassis, curtain side vehicles and truck bodies, as an effective degreasing treatment.

At Ribble Technology, we manufacture a range of chemicals suitable for paint stripping and commercial cleaning, including use in the automotive industry. Our Traffic Film Remover or TFR Cleaner is trusted by companies across the UK for effective cleaning and degreasing of vehicles, parts and tools; helping to remove traffic film and other dirt and debris.

We recommend using cold water for vehicle exteriors, and warm water for stubborn dirt or driveline parts such as gearboxes, differentials and axles.

We are also able to offer a caustic free version of our Traffic Film Remover.

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How to Use Traffic Film Remover

Traffic Film Remover, also known as TFR Cleaner has multiple uses; for both regular car and vehicle cleaning, and more industrial use, such as vehicle chassis, equipment and driveline parts. For use on a vehicle exterior, we recommend using cold water, and warm water for none painted, stubborn dirt areas. For general car and vehicle cleaning, we recommended following the steps below:

  • Spray on the vehicle paint surface as a pre-wash.
  • Let the TFR cleaner sit for a couple of minutes.
  • Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with clean water.
  • Clean the vehicle as you normally would, with a quality car cleaning chemical or shampoo.

For vehicle undersides, industrial or commercial use:

  • Apply Traffic Film Remover with warm water, covering the surfaces to be cleaned.
  • Allow to sit for a longer period, as required, depending on the level of dirt or grease.
  • Rinse with warm water or with the use of a pressure washer.

(Available in 25 litres, 205 litres and 1000 litres IBC)

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