Small HDPE Tank

⭐️Product Information: Small HDPE Tank⭐️

Small set up? Starting out? Our small HDPE tank may be perfect to get you going! 

Why choose the small poly tank?

•Perfect set up for small businesses, and new customers who are starting to strip their own jobs. 

•Can fit 4 x 15 inch wheels in, larger wheels would need to go in 1 or 2 at a time depending on size. 

•Small surface area so less evaporation. Less chemical required to fill, so lowest cost option. 

•Also good for use as a Neutralising Tank with our Neutradip product.

•Comes with a lid.


•High Density PolyEthylene- HDPE (which is highly chemical resistant)


•200L of chemical maximum

•990 x 686 x 762 mm (external dimensions)

•902 x 597 x 622 mm (internal dimensions) – tapers down to 810 x 510mm internally at the bottom


•We have these set up in our powder coating shop, as they are perfect for using as a neutralising tank, they are ideal as they have a small footprint so don’t take up much space.


£275+vat with a lid

Why are they more expensive than the large poly tank?

•Made in the UK (large poly tanks are imported in bulk)

•Tank more expensive than large poly, but as surface area is smaller it will create less evaporation and take less chemical to fill, so cheaper to maintain.

ℹ️ Due to the nature of the chemical these aren’t designed to last forever if you are using for cold strip, and we would always recommend upgrading to Stainless Steel or replacing every 12 months due to the nature of the chemical, but they are perfect if you are a new set up, or with minimal space due to stage small footprint, and are ideal for using as a neutralising tank!


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