Thermal Stripping

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In our endeavour to continue to provide an excellent service, we would be delighted to discuss any requirements you may have and we are pleased to offer a sample testing service to ensure our process is suitable for your project.

Thermal stripping can provide a highly cost effective method to quickly remove coatings from a variety of paint jigs, fixtures and fittings. Items with a high paint build up which would not be effectively or economically stripped using chemical or abrasive methods benefit from thermal processing. Complex heavy fabrications which would be prohibitive economically to blast clean can be cleaned quickly and effectively using thermal pyrolysis. Pyrolysis breaks down coating to ash while all volatile materials are removed in the form of gas which it treated before release to provide a very environmentally friendly process. Thermal stripping is a particularly effective process for use in the refurbishment industry where costs must be kept to a minimum.
Individual hook and wire jigs through to large engineered components and car shells can be processed via thermal pyrolysis.

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