Wash Bays

💧Wash Bays💧

Hell fire these haven’t hung around!  Our Chemical Rinse Wash Bays have moved at Lightening Speed since we began manufacturing them in October 23! We have increased production just to ensure we can keep a couple on the ground ready to go!

Price: £950+vat

•Bar to hang wheels whilst rinsing,

•Valve to attach appropriate plumbing to to drain if desired (can syphon out if easier, we sell manual syphons too!) 

•Small footprint (1m2)

Fantastic piece of kit to make your lives easier 🙂

We’ve also got a crazy deal on our chemicals at the minute, get in touch for yours! 🧪💚

📞 01772 202227

📧 sales@ribbletechnology.co.uk

📱07775201804 (WhatsApp quick order!)

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