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Over 40 years ago, Derrick and Catherine Sutton started up in business, manufacturing and distributing chemical products. 15 years later, the family found that their was a gap in the market for a business utilising their chemical products and so began metal surface processing, stripping paint from a wide variety of applications, including the famous Blackpool Illuminations! 

Handing the business down to their son, John Sutton, who now owns the business with his wife Claire, Ribble Technology has gone from strength to strength, with the introduction of vehicle restoration services using our tailor made process of Thermal Pyrolysis, followed by a range of our in house chemical mixes to strip cars to their metal. John employs husband and wife team, Shaun and Emma Cook to manage the company, Shaun overseeing the operations and sales, whilst Emma is responsible for all things office based. 

If you visit us, you will often find John in his lab conjuring up new ideas and innovative products to keep us at the top of our game, or providing help and advice on the phone to our customers with his wealth of technical and chemical knowledge (the perks of a chemist owning the business!)

Shaun has always had a keen interest in cars, stripping his first Ford Escort down and rebuilding it aged 16 in his parents back garden, which only led to more. His mum even told him to stop paying rent so that he could afford to get them finished quicker so she could get her garden back, however this only encouraged him to buy and build more… He can be found anywhere from the end of the phone speaking to our customers, on the road visiting them, to led underneath a car shell in the powder-coating booth, ensuring the quality of all of our processes. Shaun is a true perfectionist and this shows in the level of workmanship he expects from all of the staff at Ribble Technology. 

We have always produced chemicals, however over the past 18 months we have had a huge focus in this area, taking a proactive approach to speaking to our customers and designing our products to suit their needs, especially in the alloy wheel market. As such, we are one of the leading manufacturers in the UK for these products, and the only one to use our own products in house. We have had a massive push on our social media presence and if you have spoken to us via our social media platforms, it is likely that it is Emma who has responded to your enquiry. This is her favourite part of the job as it allows her to speak to our customers and find out what they want from our products and service. If she is not dealing with enquiries, she is often liaising with our suppliers and couriers to tighten up the services we provide, running our office and sometimes even in her PPE downstairs if we are really busy!

As mentioned, our service is key to happy customers and is something we are always striving to maintain and improve. 18 months ago, it would have taken us a week to get your products out, and now you can often have them within 2 working days, something that as a business, we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers. 

Our day to day is always varied and because it is a family run business, we all have a great deal of input into all areas of the business and you won’t be passed from pillar to post if you need us. So that’s us at Ribble, as a family run company we never truly switch off as our work is always whizzing round in our heads, but that’s a massive advantage for our customers… you aren’t just a number or an order to us! If you want to call us and ask us questions, we won’t fob you off, we are always happy to give advice to you when you need it, and we will always do our utmost to go the extra mile where we can.

The Ribble Tech Team

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