Hot Stripping

Customer information on using our hot stripping chemical. 

Ribstrip 17 & Ribstrip 17 Booster


RIBSTRIP17 is a water-based paint removal system developed for the alloy wheel refurbishment industry. This hot stripping system does not need expensive press type filtration as is often the case with other water-based strippers. RIBSTRIP17 is supplied ready for use and does not need to be diluted in any way. The coating is removed from the wheel in small strips and sheets, which we advise you to remove regularly using a stainless-steel mesh basket. RIBSTRIP17 is a much safer, albeit slower way of chemically stripping alloy wheels and parts.

Stripping Times and Temperatures

Stripping times are dependent on the temperature of solution and paint type. Although this product has slower stripping times in comparison to our cold stripping chemical, it is a much safer chemical product to deal with and parts can be left in overnight without causing damage, unlike our cold stripping chemical. RIBSTRIP17 can strip most alloy wheels within an 8-hour process window. Faster stripping times can be achieved by increasing temperature, this could reduce the stripping times significantly. Stripping temperature should ideally be kept at 65 Degrees C. Faster stripping times can be achieved by increasing the temperature, however, should not exceed 85 Degrees C. The temperature can be operated as low as 60 Degrees C if ultimate stripping time is not important.
Note: we design and manufacture a range of other hot stripping chemicals, with quicker stripping times, however our RIBSTRIP17 is the most popular for safety and ease of use due to the formulation being water based. If you are looking to use hot stripping chemicals and want to discuss your options, please get in touch.

Tank Management

To ensure your tank is running effectively it is important that you are monitoring it to ensure that the temperature, and strength of the chemical are at the desired level and the tank is free from residual paint. If unmanaged, the build-up of paint residue can form a layer of sludge which can cause issues particularly if your tank set up is heated from the bottom. We highly recommend that in addition to daily checks and removal of paint flakes, a weekly inspection is undertaken to check for build-up. It may be necessary to drain the tank to remove the sludge periodically to keep the tank running at its best.

Safety Precautions

Although RIBSTRIP17 does not contain Dichloromethane or Hydrofluoric Acid like our cold stripping products, as with all chemicals the MSDs must always be referred to for safety precautions and to determine the PPE requirements. We have a wide range of PPE products available. We recommend at minimum, your PPE consists of safety boots, apron, visor and chemical resistant gloves when working with or around the chemical. The datasheet can be found here

The selection of appropriate PPE is the responsibility of the end-user and must be made following a thorough hazard and risk assessment of the work tasks and environment.

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