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Ribble Technology Ltd have specialised in providing chemical and thermal processes to remove paint and coatings from steel, aluminium and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals across the UK and Europe for more than 40 years, trading in family hands for the duration. 

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Ribble Technology remain at the forefront of chemical paint stripping technology, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of chemical products to a variety of industrial and automotive companies. We have become the largest facility of our kind in the north of the UK, serving a wide range of businesses with our ever growing product range for more than 40 years.

Our experience within the metal surface engineering sector has put us at the forefront of designing tailor made chemicals to suit a wide range of applications, with our products not only sold to clients, but used in house in our own paint stripping business. We know how important it is to have effective, high quality products at a competitive price.

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Cold Strip Chemicals- myth busting – adding water (it is a big NO)

⁉️ Myth Busting ⁉️ Myth: adding water 💦to your cold strip as a “seal” is okay and slows evaporation. 👎🏻 Truth: the acid content of ...
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HDPE Tank with Galvanised Steel Frame

⭐️Product Information: HDPE Poly Tank With Galvanised Frame – Medium ⭐️ This is a great start up tank for new customers in the alloy wheel ...
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We Stock Blasting Media!

⭐️Product Information: Blasting Media⭐️ We stock a range of Blasting Media as listed below, don’t see what you use? Let us know and we will ...
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